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Thanks to the internet there has been a rocket shoot of entrepreneurs and modern means to making money. Many people are taking up side hustles to fulfill their needs and desires. There are a lot of success stories which started of as a hobby but persistence paid off in the long run, consequently leading to ventures of millions. So why should we stay behind? There really is no excuse.

So let’s get started. I am going to tell you 7 of the most popular paths which you can take to start making extra money and in today’s time and age – Sky is the limit! Remember to take one step at a time, focus & keep building your area. You don’t need to be perfect in the beginning but eventually you will be better off than the rest. That’s a universal Promise!

  • Freelance Projects – Okay so freelancing has become quite a rage and a lot of aggregator sites have cropped up for this very purpose. But only a few have been able to deliver results. Upwork & Fiverr are definitely up on my list. These sites basically help the employers/brands to hire people who can do tasks at lower cost. And those who get hired can earn a lot by working in volumes I.e taking up multiple projects. If you have decent reviews and projects to showcase your work then you can surely charge a premium fee . You simply have to Sign-up and detail out your profile along with the services you want to offer. You can charge on an hourly basis or project wise depending upon the work & scope.
  • Youtube – PewDiePie, Logan Paul, Lilly Singh, Liza Koshy have all made their way to fame through youtube. If you’re consistent and honest in making the videos, this is by far the best way to earn money according to me. And you really don’t need high end camera and all that jazz to start with. Trust me your smart phone is enough as long as you focus on creating crisp quality content. Answer pressing questions, educate people, review trends, share experiences and so on.. the list is endless. All you have to do is pick up that camera or phone and start shooting. Get inspired by other youtubers and start your journey. If you think that it’s too late now – you are wrong. Knowledge is vast and there is a lot to be covered. Heck why not try to improve or simplify existing content, you will be helping people and genuinely gain traffic and you all know what good traffic leads to.
  • Instagram – Not into videos? But love to clickity click cool pictures then you can try your hands on becoming an Instagram Influencer, again you just have to start with a niche that you are passionate about. A lot of beauty bloggers were not make-up experts or anything they just started reviewing & showing their beauty routine and eventually they caught all the attention. But here you will have to work hard on creating daily content, growing the follower base and start reaching out to some brands directly- at least in the initial phase.  
  • E-commerce Portal – Thanks to Shopify & Godaddy it’s so easy to create a website. If you are keen on selling online you can start with your own website or list on sites like Amazon or Flipkart.There are pros and cons of both so study your market and plan out your business model thoroughly. You will have to keep in mind the several factors like payment, packaging, delivery, returns etc. This is a popular way of earning the dough but is also quite time consuming. A lot of effort has to go in the operational part & marketing. If you are interested in setting up an online shop then you would find this article useful. Do give it a read & bookmark it too.
  • Drop Shipping – This one is a notch up and things can really turn around for good. Dropshipping is basically when you don’t have to own the inventory, instead you just tie up or collaborate with wholesalers to ship the product directly to the customer when a sale occurs on your site. It’s that easy and convenient! Just focus on marketing the products to the right audience. However, you would need to do a lot of research & planning for it to be successful. Try out few niche categories and see which has the highest profitability.
  • Affiliate Marketing – This is a commission based model. If you can help a Brand with visits or sale of their products through your channel then the brand will give you a commission on it. It is quite popular now and a lot of influencers have become affiliate partners for multiple brands.
  • Real Money Games – At one point of time I used to think playing for money is just a scam & shady business but when I started working for a Poker company everything changed. The gaming scene has evolved and is growing at a magnificent rate. I am not saying that you will win every time but I have seen people really make money from these games. So have I, not much but good enough to make my weekends! Never thought Fun & Finances could match up.

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