How to make Money by Selling Courses online

Have you been trying to figure out how to make money without putting in endless days of effort? Well selling online courses can create a passive income stream if you really focus on delivering quality content. You must dedicate the initial days to outline, plan and create a course that would benefit others. Once you create a course, you can sell it anytime over and over.

Make Money by Selling Courses online
Make money by selling online courses.

There are several new platforms available to create and sell online courses. You can take help of easy to use tools and create professional quality courses instantly.

If you are already running a business you can plan on creating courses to sell as an addition. For example, if you’re a vlogger, you can offer a course that shares details on how others can start vlogging and make quality vlogs just like you do.

Here’s how you can start your journey to sell courses and make money online:

1. Select a Topic, Subject or Skill

You’ll have to start by narrowing down a list of things you excel in. It could be a subject you ace at or a skill that you’ve developed. From cooking, marketing, photography, physics, productivity the options are endless. So pick a topic that you are passionate about and love sharing your knowledge on. You will be surprised that while working on the course, you will learn a lot more than you know!

2. Plan and Structure your Course

Structure your course in a way that’s easy to understand and practical to follow. Remember that nothing is complicated, it’s just not communicated properly. Focus on keeping things simple for the readers. Breakdown complex subjects into simpler parts. Transition the topics from basic information to advanced level instead of just putting out everything out there. Outlining the course in an organized manner will not only help your readers but also help you in doing proper research. You may also consider offering a variety of content mix like worksheets, checklists, videos, infographics, audio clips etc. to gain more interest.

3. Research and Pen / Type it down

Once you’ve decided on the topic you wish to create a course around, do also check the kind of volume or queries people have on that subject. It would just give an estimation of how many people are interested to learn more about that particular topic. Keep in mind that niches can be quite profitable too so don’t be discouraged by low search volumes. You never know unless you try. You should then move onto typing your thoughts. Don’t think too much on the first draft and just go with the flow. Once you start typing you won’t feel stuck with perfection paralysis. Remember that you will be reviewing and refining the content later on multiple times so don’t stress over in the beginning. After you are done with all the lessons, share the same with your friends, family members or colleagues for their feedback. I personally like to read my content after a gap of a few days of writing it. This blog post will also be refined after a few months – there is always scope for improvement so don’t let the idea of perfection lead to inaction. 

4. Branding

When you are satisfied with the content part, you can start on working on aesthetics and brand elements. Choose a logo, color scheme, fonts etc and present the course in a professional way. In the long run creating your unique brand can help you in many ways.

5. Distribution Platforms

Now that your course is ready to be published, you can start deciding the distribution channels. If you want more control then you can create a website for your course and work on marketing to the relevant audience. WordPress plugins enable you to set up options for selling and delivering your course.

In case you want a faster alternative with less technical effort, you can use an online course service, like  Udemy or SkillShare. You can simply upload your course and the sites will take care of selling it and handle payment processing. The pay and payment structure varies on each platform. Unless your topic is really unique expect higher competition which may lead you to reduce the price at par with your competitors.

On some sites like Teachable you can add your own domain as well as customize as self-hosted options. If you choose to offer your course on other platforms then be sure to read the terms and conditions beforehand.

6. Marketing

Regardless of the platform you choose (self hosted or otherwise), you must plan on promoting your course.

Think about who your target audience is, which platforms are they active on, learn the basics of social media marketing and paid marketing to keep things moving. Marketing is an intricate process but it’s well worth it. Once you start with marketing activities try to keep track of your efforts and results to determine where most of your traffic is coming from.

7. Keep updating it 

Like I mentioned before there is always a scope for improvement and with time new advancements take place. It’s important to update your course from time to time. You should keep increasing your knowledge and add new information to keep the course current and up to date.

8. Measure Results and Listen to Feedbacks

In order to be truly successful you must pay attention to the user feedback and actions. Check how many people clicked on your course ad, how many converted, how many went through the whole course, how much time did it take for them to complete it and did they find your course helpful. At the end of the day, money pours in – if you genuinely are able to help your customers. If your customers have any questions, try to answer them as soon as possible. Be active and be there to address queries. Good reviews lead to conversions and negative reviews create blockage. 

9. Keep building useful Content

If you want to succeed with your course, you need to keep building useful content. Regularly publish content whether it be new articles or new courses. Enjoy the process and move on to other topics of interest.

Don’t look for the fast cash if you’re serious about your long-term results. Take action and be persistent if you want to succeed. Once your course is uploaded and marketed well – it can end up being a great source of earning passive income.

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