Make Money on YouTube – in 5 Easy Steps!

Make Money on YouTube in 5 Easy Steps.
Learn to make money online with YouTube

So you have heard success stories of people making millions on YouTube! Are you thinking is it too good to be true? Well although some of the popular YouTubers surely have made millions, it didn’t happen overnight! Everything needs planning but if you are lucky, some unplanned content or fun videos too could go viral & make you some moolah!

And as much as I want this page to rank high on google, I know that we all are crunched for time so I will just put the steps in bullets. The point is for you guys to get the crux and start acting upon these, instead of going through too much information which may kill your interest.

Youtube is a great source for making money and it can be really fun if you enjoy creating valuable content and sharing it with the world.

So let’s begin with these Easy steps to start a YouTube Channel & make Money:

  1. Choose your Interest Category – Decide on the type of Videos you want to make. It’s important that you enjoy the topic and or at least willing to keep learning more about it. Why? So that you don’t stop due to lack of interest. For e.g if you like to play guitar then teach your audience, share tricks & tips. Don’t focus your efforts on something you are not comfortable with, say Investing or Cooking. Choose what you like to share be it music, cooking, shopping, fashion,beauty, traveling, reviewing latest gadgets, playing games etc. You have to understand what you are talking about and give value to the viewers.
  2. Plan the Content – Planning is key & Content is the only thing that will make you money in the long run. You have to engage your audience! Without that, say goodbye to making anything. Take a notebook and list down daily or weekly video topics which you would like to create & share. Start following some good YouTubers who fall into your category (niche). Learn from them, take inspiration & make improvements. Do have a good content bucket before-hand & keep piling up the topics so that you don’t experience a long lull period.
  3. Create your YouTube Channel – Decide on a Channel name which kind of resonates with your category or you can also use your name if it’s unique & easy to remember. Login or Signup with a Gmail account. Customize your channel with cool banners and Information. At last all you need to do is post the videos.
  4. Post Videos Consistently – If Content is the King, then Consistency is the Queen – work your way up with this mantra and you will pumping notes in no time. You don’t have to post daily, but 2-3 times a week would be fine to start with. Quality & value matters. If you aren’t consistent, your subscribers will eventually lose their interest in your YouTube channel. I also want to add that when you upload the video do use a good thumbnail, crisp & catchy headline. Also provide information in the description box. Basically fill in all the details, it will help YouTube to categorize and show your videos to the right audience who’d be interested in your content.
  5. Signup for Youtube Partner Program – Okay now comes the money talk, so how do you get revenue from Youtube. There are multiple ways but the most common is through Ads. How? You can opt-in for the Youtube Partner Program which enable Ads to be shown to your audience and you also get paid, if the viewers watch the ad.

To enable that there is a minimum Eligibility Criteria which you need to fulfill:

  • The YouTube Partnership Program should be available in your country.
  • You should have more than 4,000 watch hours in 12 months. For one or multiple videos doesn’t matter. The total should be above 4000 watch hours. This is to encourage Quality content videos.
  • You need to have more than 1,000 subscribers.
  • The content needs to be in sync with the YouTube Partner Program policies.
  • An approved AdSense account is needed.

 Following are the Steps to Enroll for the Program on YouTube:

  • Log in to your YouTube account and go to the My Channel option.
  • Then click on the Video Manager button. You will see an Enable option displayed before Monetization, click to enable it.
  • There will be terms and condition which you can go through and then select the ‘I accept’ boxes.
  • Now right under the channel heading, the Monetization option will appear. Select or click on it.
  • A pop up window will appear with the label of ‘Monetization’, when that appears, click on the option of ‘How will I be paid?’ and proceed by clicking on ‘Associate an AdSense account’.
  • Set your ad hosting preferences and then follow the prompts to submit your channel for review.
  • YouTube will take a week or so with the review.

That’s it with respect to creating the channel & enabling monetization. But how much will you be paid varies. As soon as you fulfill the eligibility criteria, money will get credited to your Adsense account depending upon the viewers watching ads on your videos. It’s paid per 1000 views and the amount is not fixed. So you really have to focus on driving traffic to your channel. And keeping them engaged to your video. It’s a good idea to have short series in continuation. For e.g. If you teach how to play Guitar then video 1 can teach about tuning, video 2 can be on strumming , 3rd can be on chords and so on. Due to this sequence order, your subscribers will find it easier to learn plus they will watch in continuation, leading to more watch hours.

Take care of your audience & build genuine content, the money will flow to you. Do communicate with your audience from time to time. See their comments & try to reply to their concerns as much as you can. This builds trust & a good active community.

With that wrapped up, let me know if you are keen on setting up a new YouTube channel or have already started one. Would love to be part your journey. Cheers!

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