How to Sell on Etsy and Make Money

Start your Etsy shop, sell your products and make money!
Open your Etsy shop and sell your products world wide

So… you want to start a side-hustle and monetize your hobby, or maybe you want to sell on Etsy full-time and want to make sure that your first step is the right one. Either way, you’ve come to the right place to learn – how to make money through Etsy! Without further ado, let’s get started.

Setting up your Etsy store

In order to sell on Etsy, you first have to register your account and open up your store. Let us walk you through the steps one-by-one:

  1. Navigate to:
  2. Provide your details and register. You can also use your existing Google, Facebook, or Apple account to sign up.
  3. Before you can sell on Etsy, you’ll have to verify your email address. To do so, go to your email inbox (the one you used to sign up with) find Etsy’s email and click the verification link.
  4. While it’s not strictly required, sellers who have their own personal picture on their profiles generally sell more. To upload your picture, visit: and set a profile picture.

Now you’re all signed up and your profile is personalized. Here’s how to get your store up and running:

  1. Navigate to:, scroll down, and click the button “Open your Etsy Shop”.
  2. Fill up any required details. Here, you’ll get a chance to add listings. Add as many listings as possible; more listings will give you more exposure and that’ll consequently get you more sales.
  3. In the next steps, choose how you’ll get paid and setup your billing. Etsy charges you $0.20 per listing; the charge is per four months or until the item gets sold, whichever comes first.

Voila! You have a store. Let’s get into some tips and tricks on Etsy.

Tips for new sellers

  1. SEO optimize your listings: In order to get views and sales on Etsy, you need to optimize your listing’s title, description, and keywords. If you don’t know how to do this, you can hire a professional to do it for you at a reasonable price using one of the many freelancing sites (Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, etc.).
  2. Utilize social media: At first, even with a lot of listings, you might not get a lot of sales. So use social media to promote your listings. A few good places to start are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit.
  3. Pay attention to product photographs: Would you buy a product which had really terrible pics on the product page? Probably not. So make sure to take good product pics. Add a video, if possible. Listings with a video usually sell more.
  4. Be creative: This point ties in really well with the previous ones. On Etsy, you’re in a marketplace with some of the most creative people on Earth. So the more creative you make your product and the more creatively you photograph it, the more exposure and sales you will get.
  5. Personalize your profile: Let your buyers know whom they’re buying from. Upload a profile picture and add some personal details on your profile. It helps buyers connect with you. It also humanizes you and… our data shows that humans make more sales! 🙂
  6. Be responsive: When you start getting sales on Etsy, buyers will often contact you first before placing an order. Try to respond to them as quickly as possible. In your conversations, be professional and courteous. If you can build good interpersonal relationships, you’ll get many repeat clients.
  7. Follow up and request a review: This one ties into the previous point. After you make a sale and the buyers receive your item, follow up with them to ask if they’re satisfied with their purchase and request them to leave a review. Positive reviews will significantly increase your sales and the exposure your store/listings get.

Sellers’ performance metrics

At this point, you have an account, a store, and hopefully some buyers; you want to find out how your store and listings are actually doing. To do so, when signed in, click on the Shop Manager (shop icon) in the top right corner, then click Stats.

Stats like views, visits, orders, and revenue are pretty self-explanatory. So we’ll cover two of the most important (and debated) stats on Etsy.

The first one is conversion rate, which shows the percentage of buyers who saw your listings in the search results and decided to order from you. A good conversion rate depends on which categories you’re selling in. If you’re selling something like rings, for example, a conversion rate as low as 0.2-0.4% is good because you’re selling in a high-competition market. Whereas, in low to medium competition markets, a conversion rate of 1-5% is good. A conversion rate lower than mentioned for your category indicates there might be something wrong with your product pictures, title, or description.

The second stat is how shoppers found you. It measures where people visited your shop from. If a lot of shoppers are finding you through outside sources (social media) then you might need to work on better optimizing your listings. People also think that just driving traffic from social media to their listings would rank their listings higher. If the traffic you divert to your listings doesn’t convert, then this is untrue and even hurts your listings in the long-term.

To see how to use Etsy’s metrics to increase your sales, we recommend Etsy’s guide:

That’s it for today! We hope this guide on “How to sell on Etsy and make money” helped you and you’re able to get lots of sales on Etsy. Did we miss anything? Would you like us to cover a specific topic? Please let us know in the comments section below.
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