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Are you someone who ends up clicking bazillion pictures of your friends, the hills, trees, amazing food, animals, monuments, candids of people, or even of the camera itself? Do you take multiple shots to get that perfect one? Well.. if your passion is photography then you have landed on the right post – which can help you sell pictures and make money! Yup.. turn your hobby to a profitable side hustle.

A photographer (even an amateur one) can easily make extra cash if he or she knows the right places to sell photos online. The demand for great pictures just keeps increasing year after year and that’s why so many stock photography companies have opened. The need has been felt across various businesses, that is from large corporations, small or medium sized enterprises, freelancers, marketing professionals to bloggers. 

The best part about selling photos online is you don’t need to invest much – not even on a website. You just need to upload high quality images. You can start by planning on what kind of photos can be used by a brand or has a popular demand. Once that’s decided, checkout the amazing platforms below which actually pays you commission when someone buys your pictures from them.

Sell Pictures on these Platforms:

1. Shutterstock

This has definitely got to be one of the most popular sites from where brands buy stock images and videos. You can upload and submit your personalized portfolio page on shutterstock and easily track your earnings. You can earn anywhere between 20% to 30% of the amount your image sells at, which Shutterstock pays on a monthly basis. They also have referral programs where you can earn money by referring other photographers or customers . For more information, head over to this link

2. Adobe Stock

Coming from the creators of the famous “Photoshop and Lightroom” is Adobe Stock. This platform was one the early ones to introduce an online marketplace to sell photos. Their royalty share is quite higher compared to others, making it a must on this list. You can make between 20% to 60% without forcing you to give exclusive selling rights for your images. Which means that you can sell on other platforms at the same time. If you want to know the requirement to start selling then visit this link

3. GettyImages and iStock

Next up we have GettyImages and iStock which is a part of the former. The main difference between the two would be on exclusivity. When you are a contributor on Getty, then the contract is exclusive (images uploaded cannot be sold anywhere else). Whereas on iStock there is flexibility but if you prefer to go exclusive here then the commissions can go up to 45%.

4. Alamy

This platform may not be as popular but still is a great option for contributors since it is flexible with exclusivity terms. The pay rate on each sale is 50% for exclusive images and 40% for non exclusive images. The submission process is quick and hassle free. Check out this page to learn more and sign up as contributor

5. 500px

You can join the 500px contributor community with a simple submission process. Not only would you be able to upload images but even run workshops. There may be a more rigid image approval process compared to other sites. A contributor can earn up to 60% royalties on images that are licensed exclusively with 500px. Click here to get more information about their contributor terms

Hope this post has helped you to find avenues where you can sell pictures and make money. I think it’s a great opportunity for people who are into photography to easily create a side income through these wonderful platforms. I will keep adding more platforms and information on this post, so be sure to bookmark it.

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